Fitness Throughout History, 2010’s to Present Day

It’s hard to believe that we have covered so much history of fitness culture- we started this series from the dawn of human existence, and look at where we are now! Let’s talk about fitness from 2010- the present day!

We’ve learned a lot over the years as fitness enthusiasts. Fitness culture in the present day includes a lot of trends that we’ve seen throughout history  such as yoga, running, core-focused workouts, and the occasional aerobics or dance classes (and gym fashion, especially with the rise of social media. PS, there is nothing wrong with looking cute at the gym!). But, we’ve also learned a lot in recent years! The last decade saw the rise of HIIT (high intensity interval training), a sharp increase in weightlifting (among women in particular), and exercise for not only the sake of physical health, but for mental health as well. We focus more on form, mindfulness, and paying attention to our personal needs and goals, and the rise of the personal trainer as an option for everyone, not only athletes, has led us to great strides forward for all!

It’s not all sunshine and roses, however. The rise of Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms has increased disordered thought patterns, particularly in younger people. The obsession with looking at ourselves and others on our phones and computers all day naturally leads us to compare ourselves to others, and this can result in a distorted view of reality. Comparison is the thief of joy. Remember, NEVER compare yourself to anyone else when it comes to your own fitness goals. Do your best to keep in mind that everyone’s body is different, everyone is in a different place in their fitness journeys. 

That being said- we aren’t saying that social media doesn’t have its place in fitness culture. It can be quite helpful, especially for those starting their fitness journey, to follow reputable social media accounts to learn tips and tricks, form, and other fitness journey related topics. The trick is, as is with most things on the internet, to know what is credible and what isn’t. The older and more experienced we become with filtering out bad information and holding onto good information, the more we are able to use social media as a tool to reach our goals. That’s the catch 22 though- a lot of young people don’t yet possess the critical thinking and experience to filter out the toxic information, which can lead to disordered thought patterns, poor diets, and feeling lost. It’s up to the older generations to help newer generations navigate the (what can be quite scary) internet! 

The internet aside, fitness trends continue to evolve as we learn more about the impact of exercise. Perhaps the important thing that we’ve learned so far is the idea of functional fitness, and the importance of personalizing workouts for specific strength, endurance, and weight loss goals. We know now that anyone can begin their fitness journey. We believe in exercise at ANY age. Whether you are 20 or 80, it’s not too late to start your fitness journey. Even if you experience limited mobility, no gym experience, or struggle with motivation, we can create personalized plans for you- one that will keep you mobile for longer, help prevent injury, and focus on how exercise can improve your life on a daily basis, not just for weight loss or gains, but for daily activities that require us to move around. THAT has a lasting impact on you throughout your entire life. 

Speaking of positive impacts of consistently working out- we continue to learn more and more about how exercise affects your mind as well as your body. We have quite a few blog posts about how remaining active can assist in reducing anxiety and depression, as well as lessening or preventing symptoms associated with a number of other mental health issues such as ADHD and Alzheimers. In the coming years, we expect that more research will be done on the mental benefits of exercise, after all, your body was meant to move!

We are excited about the potential of a world more involved in the fitness community. Not only does a healthy body and mind benefit the individual, it benefits society. Happy, healthy people equal a happier, healthier community! We love our Fit St. Charles community, so feel free to join us anytime as we better our bodies, minds, and build lasting positive relationships with not only others in the community, but with ourselves as well!