Fun activities that are great for you and the planet! Let’s celebrate Earth Day the right way!

Getting out of the house and enjoying nature is one of the most important things we can do for our physical and mental health! So in honor of Earth Day, why don’t we all take a moment to appreciate all that nature has to offer! And if you are looking to increase your activity today here are some great ways to be active while enjoying the great outdoors!

  • Go for a hike! Depending on the terrain, this activity can range from an easy exercise to one that requires higher levels of fitness. No matter where you go hiking, it’s great for your mind and your body, and gives you some perspective on how important and special our little planet actually is!
  • Do some gardening! Again, this can be an easy-going activity, or one that is much more labor intensive, but either way, planting some bee and butterfly friendly plants helps your local flora and fauna continue to thrive! If you plant veggies, you are also helping to create a more sustainable food source. Either way you are helping the planet!
  • Go car free for the day! Even one day of walking or biking instead of driving can help cut down on emissions, is a great way to add some physical activity to your day, and the planet will thank you!
  • Volunteer to help clean up your local parks! It’ll get you moving, and you’ll know that you’ve done some good in the world by picking up any trash you see!
  • And speaking of picking up trash, have you heard of “plogging”? Popular in Sweden, plogging is a new trend that is both a great exercise AND wonderful for the planet! “Plog” Swedish term “plocka up” (pick up) and jogging (and is super fun to say!). Grab some gloves and a trash bag, and jog around your neighborhood or local parks and pluck up any litter you see along the way!