Fundamental Movements- Rotation

Today we are going to talk about rotation! The motion of rotation is unique amongst the fundamental movements- other fundamental movements involve moving forward and backward or side to side, but rotation involves twisting at the core. The obliques are the main muscle group involved in rotation. Activities that use this movement are things like changing direction when running, shoveling snow, maintaining balance while kicking or throwing a ball, getting groceries out of your car, swinging your arms when you walk, and much more. We actually rotate a lot more than you might think- this movement is so essential to daily tasks that we are often unaware when we are doing it!

With how often our bodies perform this movement, it is easy to see why it is so important to strengthen the obliques. It makes daily life easier and supports many other types of movement. Proper rotation is also extremely important to balance, meaning that it reduces your risks of slipping or tripping while walking. Incorporating rotation exercises into your workout routines is easy- Russian twists, wood chops, hanging knee circles, and med ball rotational throws, are all great ways to increase rotational strength, just to name a few!

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