Fundamentals of Fitness- Pull

We are back with another fundamentals of fitness post! This time we will be focusing in the second movement of the 7 movements, Pull, which when done correctly, helps your body with a lot of daily activities, and is amazing for back pain (cuz we know a lot of ya’ll sit at a desk all day!).

Pulling consists of either pulling an object, or pulling your body towards your hands, and can either be vertical or horizontal. Think a pullup for vertical, or a barbell row for horizontal. The main muscles being worked in these sets of movements are the mid and upper back, biceps, forearms and rear shoulders. There are obviously a lot of benefits in working on these muscle groups!

Working on your mid and upper back helps with posture and back pain, and acts as the opposing force to your core, like yin and yang. Building up your biceps helps stabilize your shoulders and helps prevent shoulder injury. Stronger forearms allow for a better, stronger grip, making the rest of your workout more effective, and aiding in daily activities. And last but not least, strengthening your rear shoulders stabilizes your shoulders and upper body.

Your body’s muscles all work together as a whole, and all seven movements are important. But if you want to focus on the pull movements today, why not try pull-ups! And don’t worry, even if you can’t do a pull-up, there are variations to suit anyone at any point in their fitness journey. Stop by Fit St. Charles or call and make an appointment for your free No Sweat Intro to learn more! For now though, you can take a gander at the video uploaded to our Facebook account if you would like to take a look at Ryleigh performing some great examples of exercises that involve pulling!