Fundamentals of Fitness- Squat

Which one of these is your favorite way to squat? The squat is an important part of any fitness routine- read on to find out why!

We’ve talked about Pull, Push, and Hinge, so today it’s on to Squat! One of the seven basic movements that the human body can perform (with all other movements technically being variations of those seven), squats are super important for the strength and stability of your body (and they are more complex than you think)!

Today we focus on Squat! Did you know that squats are considered one of the most complex movements that the human body is capable of? The squat targets the glutes, core, quadriceps and to a slight degree, the hamstring muscles. There are many variations of the squat, four of which are demonstrated in this video. This movement strengthens your tendons, bones, and ligaments around the leg muscles, reducing your chances of injuring you hips, knees and ankles in your workouts AND in your daily activities!

How many squats can you do? What is your favorite variation of a squat? Stop by Fit St. Charles today and let us help you find the best way to fit squats (or a variation thereof) into your workout routine!