Gaining Self-Confidence!

Exercise is a great way to boost your confidence! Whether you see a difference in how your body looks or not, it doesn’t matter, because a regular workout routine has SO MANY other benefits, and confidence doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) tied to what you see in the mirror! Here are some ways that exercising increases your confidence:

  1. Probably the most important benefit from regular exercise that is not tied to physical appearance is the increase in your mental wellness. Exercise releases endorphins that make you feel good and mitigates feelings of depression and anxiety! That’s a recipe for a confidence boost for sure!
  2. It proves that you can overcome challenges and gives you a sense of achievement! Working out regularly takes willpower, dedication, and caring for yourself, which is all linked to higher self confidence. Getting up and getting a good workout in, even if you don’t want to, proves to yourself that you can overcome challenges, and when repeated enough times, creates a positive feedback loop. This increases your confidence in your ability to tackle difficult tasks, inside OR outside of the gym!
  3. It gives you more energy! When you are low on energy, even the smallest tasks seem like a chore. With the boost in energy that regular exercise provides, accomplishing daily tasks becomes easier, and we all know that checking things off of your do-to list makes us feel better about ourselves! 
  4. You’ll get better sleep! When you are low on sleep, everything seems harder. With the proper amount of sleep, however, you are set up to tackle your day with the type of confidence that only a well rested body and mind can provide! (And as an added bonus, getting the recommended amount of sleep each night is amazing for your skin!)

Take a moment to check in with yourself today- are you feeling confident? We all have down days, that’s for sure, but if you aren’t feeling your best, why not try a quick workout to remind yourself that you are capable, your mental health matters, and you can accomplish anything with the right mindset!